Roster creation made easy

Goodbye roster pain

Here's a typical scenario: You're responsible for rostering your team. You take into account everyones preferences and availability, and come up with a workable plan. Then you get the last minute changes and requests. Now you have to rework it! Hair pulling moments!

Not any more. With CunningPlan, input your team preferences, availability and vacation dates. You're Done. Automatic roster. Not only that, your entire team can see when they are on, update their availability, and vacation dates. All you have to do is push one button!

"Creating the roster is now the simplest part of my role"
Neil Clayton, Music Team Lead, NPBC Wellington

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Features, at a glance

Many Plans

Manage as many plans as you like, or just one. CunningPlan allows you to manage just one team, or many teams with differing responsibilities.

Values your People

Guarantee that people are not overworked. Each team member can choose availability that suits them, for example every 2 weeks, anytime, every 2 of 3 weeks, and so on.

Common Rules

- Put people on multiple roles, e.g: if Neil is on Vocal, also place on Guitar.

- Allow some fudge: lets people  be shifted to be on with others.

- Facilitate people being put on the same date (e.g: if Bob is on, also put Sue on Vocals)

Customize the Layout

You have control over how the plan is laid out and who gets preferred slots. Want to give leaders first choice? Easy. CunningPlans' layout scheduler gives you control.

Full Screen Ahead

The web-app includes a full "spreadsheet" like view, letting you see the entire plan in a smart grid. This view lets you see peoples allocations in a snap. You can also see why someone has been placed into a slot.


Still want a spreadsheet?
Schedules can be published to Google Sheets, so you can still customize and tweak to your hearts content.


CunningPlan is currently in beta - ready to rock! Feel free to sign up, and take it for a spin. If there's something missing that you'd like to see, let me know!